Drawing and Illustration Laboratory

Drawing and Illustration Laboratory

N Building – 1st Floor

Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain Universitas Trisakti

Kampus A, Jl. Kyai Tapa No.1, Grogol, Jakarta Barat 11440

Telp : +62-21-5663232, Ext. 8254


Drawing and Illustration Laboratory as one of the student learning facilities through practicum, especially the Visual Communication Design Study Program with a concentration of Graphic Design and Multimedia in regular learning activities and Final Projects, facilitating lecturer research based on Scientific Groups of Interior & Human Design, Product & Human Design, Graphic & Multimedia Design, Visual Arts, facilitates Community Services, planning that prioritizes the role of images and illustrations for the needs of further studies.


  • Placing the role of images and illustrations in the Tridharma of higher education in the fields of teaching, research, and Community Service (PkM).
  • Explore the knowledge of images and illustrations for various benefits (commercial, social services, education, CSR, etc.)
  • Helping the development of student potential.


Used for courses:

  • Form Drawing
  • Explorative Drawing
  • Basic Illustration
  • Applicable Illustration
  • Designing Graphics that utilize images and illustrations

Activity program:

  • Regulars related to user courses
  • Exploration and experimentation workshop
  • Creation method development
  • Human Body Anatomy Drawing Exercise
  • Non – Regular adapted to research and PkM

Head of Drawing and Illustration Laboratory : Drs. D. Adikara Rachman, M.A