About Faculty

About Faculty

The establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design began with the establishment of the Department of Fine Arts as part of the Faculty of Engineering, Trisakti University in 1969 together with the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Architectural Engineering. In 1974 the Department of Fine Arts within the Faculty of Engineering was changed to the Department of Fine Arts which has Sub Departments of Interior Architecture, Industrial Design and Painting. In 1978 officially Sub. The Department of Painting is closed. Simultaneously formed Sub. The Department of Graphic Design which at that time began to be in demand by the public and looked at market demand.

Interest in the Faculty of Engineering is getting higher and the number of students is increasing, so it is necessary to classify disciplines. Based on this condition, the Department of Architecture, Civil and Fine Arts was combined into one Faculty, namely the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, with the Department of Architectural Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Fine Arts and Design. In the same year Sub. The department changed to the Study Priority Program (PPS), namely PPS Interior Design, PPS Industrial Product Design and PPS Graphic Design.

In 1996 the Department of Design developed into the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design based on the Decree of the Director General of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 431/Dikti/Kep/1995. FSRD has 2 departments, namely the Department of Design and the Department of Fine Arts. The Design Department has 3 study programs, namely the Interior Design Study Program, the Product Design Study Program and the Visual Communication Design Study Program, while the Fine Arts Department has a Photography Study Program which once had a Video-Film PPS.

In 2007 the Faculty had a Diploma Three (D3) Program in Visual Communication Design and it still exists today even though the number of students is still very limited. In 2009 the Faculty had a Design Graduate Program (S2) and was the first Design-oriented Postgraduate Program at a private university in Jakarta.

In mid-2013, the organizational structure consisting of Faculties, Departments and Study Programs decided to dissolve the Department, due to efficiency and in improving the performance of study programs. Meanwhile, the Product Design Study Program opens 3 (three) Study Priority Programs (PPS), which consist of PPS. General Product Design, PPS. Transport Design and PPS. Craft Design.