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Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain Universitas Trisakti

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The Faculty of Art and Design Trisakti University Library is a unit to provide, manage, store, maintain and serve the borrowing and returning of library materials as an important source of information for scientific progress and improving teaching and learning outcomes at the Faculty of Art and Design.

1. Function

The Library Functions are:
a. As a means of supporting education, especially in helping the implementation of learning activities.
b. As a means of deepening expertise and research, esplecially in the fields of art and design.
c. As a center for information and the latest ideas/trends regarding design developments both at home and abroad.

2. Collection

Collection of Faculty of Art and Design Library consist of:
a. Books (textbook, handbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, standard, etc), 7900 copies.
b. Journals and magazines, 1o titles.

The scope of the Library’s collection includes various sciences related to education, teaching and research, especially in the fields of Interior Design, Product Design and Visual Communication Design, and Photography.

3. Services

The library uses an open service system that allows every visitor to access information (books/magazines) directly on the shelves. The arrangement of books on the shelves is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) classification number, Edition 21 of 1996.

The services that the library can provide are:

  1. Borrowing Services: Borrowing library books only applies to students/lecturers/employees of Faculty of Art and Design Trisakti University. Books that can be borrowed home are textbooks.
  2. Photocopy Ordering Service: The library provides photocopy ordering services for visitors.
  3. Internet services: Internet services are browsing services over the internet. Currently, the Faculty of Art and Design Library has 4 terminals provided for students.

4. Membership

Only students, lecturers or Faculty of Art and Design employees can become members of the Library. To become a member, prospective members must fill out a membership activation application form, which is accompanied by:

  • 1 (one) photocopy of the last payment slip/KRS (for students).
  • 2 (two) passport photos measuring 2X3 cm.
  • Have attended the Introduction Course (User Guidance).

Library membership may end if:

  1. No longer registered as an Faculty of Art and Design student.
  2. The student is declared to have passed.
  3. Student resigns. Students are affected by DO (drop out).
  4. Library members do not comply with applicable rules and regulations. Every semester membership must be re-registered.

5. Rules & Regulation

   A. Opening Hours

The library is open every working day with the following conditions:

Monday s/d Friday: Open 08.00-16.00 WIB
Saturday: Open 09.00-12.00 WIB.
   B. Visitor Rules
  1. For the safety of library collections, every visitor is not allowed to bring bags, folders and jackets into the collection room. Bag storage (locker) is provided. Do not leave money and other valuables. While in the library room, loss is not the responsibility of the library.
  2. Each visitor is required to fill in the library visitor list.
  3. The Library Room is a place to read and study. Every visitor is obliged to participate in maintaining peace, order and maintaining the cleanliness of the library space.
  4. Every visitor is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in the library.
  5. Visitors who do not comply with the Code of Conduct are welcome to leave the library.
   C. Borrowing Regulation
       1. Borrowing Procedures
  1. Shows your own library membership card.
  2. Books to be borrowed are handed over to the officers to be entered into the library system and the safety magnets removed.
  3. Borrowed books are the sole responsibility of the borrower and are not allowed to be borrowed from others.
        2. Borrowing Amount
           Library members can borrow a maximum of:
       2 (two) titles for ordinary students; 3 (three) titles for Final Project students; 4 (four) titles for lecturers.
        3. Borrowing Time
  1. For ordinary students, the loan is valid for 7 (seven) days, and 14 (days) for students working on the Final Project. If no one has ordered, it can be extended a maximum of 1 (one) time.
  2. For Usakti employees (lecturers, researchers and teaching staff). Those who have become members of the library, the loan is valid for 14 (fourteen) days. Can be extended a maximum of 2 (two) times by reporting to the circulation officer.
  3. Thesis/ Final Project. Magazines/journals and reference collections (dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, bibliographies, yearbooks, laws and regulations, standards, etc.) cannot be borrowed home. This collection is for reading on the spot or photocopying.
  4. Sanctions.
   D. Sanctions
  • A fine is imposed on borrowers who are late in returning books and the specified time limit, amounting to:

    • Rp.  1000,- / book/ day for regular collection.
    • Rp.  1000,- / book/ hous for reference collection.
  • A delay of 15 (fifteen) days will result in a written warning in addition to an administrative fine, and if ignored, the membership can be canceled.
  • Lost/damaged books must be replaced with the same book, or in the form of money as much as 3 (three) times the price of the lost book at that time, plus administrative processing fees.
  • Provisions regarding sanctions apply to all members of the Library.
  E. Free
  1. For students who will take part in the Final Assignment session, they are required to request a Free Borrowing Letter provided by the Faculty Library followed by requesting a Free Borrowing to the University Library.
  2. For students in semester I to IV, borrowed books must be returned before the semester break begins, and during semester breaks they are not allowed to borrow library collections.

6. Personnel

Head of FSRD Library : Erna Meiliana, S.S.
Staff : Tatang Hermana (Circulation)


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